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  • Crisis innovation demands a strategy

    Change presents endless opportunities for innovation. We are going through the largest change to our lives for a generation, and at an alarming pace. Both our professional and personal lives have been hugely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  So how do organizations deal effectively with the multitude of innovation opportunities which the new landscape is…

  • How strategic is your innovation?

    Your strategy is your overall approach to achieving your purpose. You can only have one: strategy is a singular thing. Is your organization serious about the role that innovation plays in achieving its purpose? If so, to what extent is innovation part of your overall approach (your strategy)?

  • Innovative strategy

    While strategy and tactics are important topics, which are frequently confused, the role of innovation provides a key to distinguishing them. This led to an article, focussed on the innovation aspects of strategy, which is intended to separate the two more clearly by describing their relationship, and putting tactics in their place! Read the full…

  • Innovation, management and strategy

    Innovation is attracting attention. Innovation management is the reason. Innovation strategy is the essential element.

  • Innovation is an opportunity

    Innovation happens as new perspectives, thoughts and ideas lead to changes in behaviour. Doing the same things and expecting a different outcome is unrealistic. Only when we do new things, do we make a substantial difference. Mankind has evolved through the application of small thoughts which continually make a difference to someone and big ideas…

  • To innovate or not to innovate? That is not the question!

    Sooner or later continuous improvement, by any individual or organisation, runs out of steam. Marching up the slope ahead of us makes sense as an effective way to move onwards and upwards, until we reach the summit. But the summit of what? Most likely it is not the summit, it is just a summit. There…

  • Opportunities: how can we look for them?

    We are all looking for opportunities, aren’t we? Or do we focus mainly on problems? How often have you heard that every problem is an opportunity? Is this true? So what is the difference between a problem and an opportunity? Opportunities and problems are opposites. Usually, we do things because we can see the benefit of…

  • Organising for innovation

    Aspects and characteristics It is unlikely that anyone doubts that the ability of an organisation to innovate is strongly dependent on the nature of that organisation. Its nature can be described by various characteristics (including cultural, behavioural and structural characteristics) and by several aspects (including the static and dynamic aspects) of those characteristics. 

  • Innovation strategy – where to aim?

    At an inspiring BrightIdea meeting on innovation management in 2010, mentioned in a previous post, I was given, by Vincent Carbone (COO), the opportunity to present some high level thoughts. The general upsurge in interest, activity and capability in the area of innovation management is continuing; however much of this is, as yet, tactical in nature.…

  • Innovation strategy – “it ain’t necessarily so”!

    Hopefully, meta-innovation will provide solutions to the shortcomings in strategic areas of innovation management.