About Neat Strategy


Neat Strategy was launched in September 2019 to offer a strategic approach to innovation. We provide information, guidance, and assistance on the formulation and implementation of strategy in the areas which apply to organizational innovation.

Our approach is based on the experience of the founder, John W Lewis, on numerous innovation projects in: industrial R&D, product development, academia, and consulting.

In addition, he spent more than 15 years delivering corporate training on “object oriented software development”, which is arguably the most substantial innovation in the field of software engineering in the last 30 years.

Organizational Innovation

Many organizations increasingly recognise the importance of innovation to their effectiveness and competitive advantage. The approach of Neat Strategy is to enable and assist you to contribute to effective innovation in your organization.

You might be leading or managing innovation operations or programmes. You might be leading or contributing to innovation developments or projects. Or you might not be involved with innovation at all, and have no intention of becoming involved!

Whatever your role, it is important that you and your colleagues have a shared understanding of how innovation contributes to the achievement of the purpose of your organization. This forms a basis for agreeing on its importance.


The effectiveness of your contribution depends on a shared understanding of innovation and its role in your organization’s strategy.

This understanding is the basis for identifying the contributions that you can make in your role. It enables, supports, and encourages the development of, what is sometimes called, “a culture of innovation” throughout your organization.

For more on how to achieve this purpose, see Approach.
And for more on how you can learn about innovation and strategy using that approach, see Products.