Effective Organizational Innovation

Innovation in established organizations is challenging. Yet you know that it’s essential.

You see numerous opportunities to innovate but, if your organization is like most, you face a variety of persistent obstacles to exploring them.  Not the least of those is building a consensus about why innovation is essential!

Effective Innovation on Purpose

We help leaders like you to focus on the innovation opportunities which present the most benefit and value to your organization. We provide a pragmatic approach which:

  • connects innovation activities to the achievement of the purpose of your organization – in a way which makes sense to everyone
  • applies widely accepted knowledge of innovation to the opportunities for organizations
  • accommodates differing attitudes to innovation in the various fields of your organization’s operations.

For an introduction to our view of the state of innovation in established organizations, read “Organizational Innovation”.


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – (possibly) Sun Tzu.

Applying this thinking to any challenge is likely to be effective. Tactics are important, but are useless without a strategy.

Our current focus is on the challenges facing innovation in established organizations.


Providing you and your organization with a different way of understanding and operating your innovation activities.

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