Approach to strategic innovation

Developing the strategic basis for your innovation

We can help your organization to develop the strategic basis for its innovation operations. This does not replace, or conflict with, your current innovation activities and processes. It complements them and adds to – or, more likely, multiplies – their value. Yet it requires only a small proportion of your overall innovation effort.

Your strategy is important to everything you do. Most of us learn this “the hard way”! Among all the areas of operations of established organizations, the area with the greatest opportunity for increased performance, but which most lacks a strategic basis, is innovation.

This aligns your innovation operations with:

  • the purpose of your organization
  • the growing body of knowledge of how innovation occurs
  • your organization’s disposition to innovation in multiple areas
  • all of your other (non-innovation) activities —also known as “everyday” or “production” operations.

Organizational innovation offers most established organizations an enormous opportunity for improvement, which increases performance and competitive advantage.

For an introduction to our view of the state of innovation in established organizations, read “Organizational Innovation” and for a description of the importance of a strategic basis, read “Strategic Innovation“.