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We like differently

It is a very simple idea: we like differently. And a wide range of consequences flow from it. You and I like different things. Also you and I like or dislike the same things for different reasons and to a different extent. A significant hurdle to understanding this is the difficulty we frequently have in […]

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Organising for innovation

Aspects and characteristics It is unlikely that anyone doubts that the ability of an organisation to innovate is strongly dependent on the nature of that organisation. Its nature can be described by various characteristics (including cultural, behavioural and structural characteristics) and by several aspects (including the static and dynamic aspects) of those characteristics. 

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Customer service! Is that what you call it?

Who is the worst? When you think of very poor customer service, which business sector comes to mind? For me, far and away the worst are car dealerships! I have limited experience of buying cars from them, it is their servicing business which stands out as being awful, sometimes ridiculously so! Don’t judge a book […]

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“Innovation” is manageable!

This is news to many people and organisations. Many take the view that “innovation” happens somehow, and that it is fairly random, risky and unmanageable. But others are showing that this is not so. The article, The manageability of innovation, describes that this is not unlike the situation in other areas in the past. As […]