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Innovation? What innovation?

The “why?”, “what?” and “how?” of innovation

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Less is more manufacturing productivity

Recollections of an memorable project Thinking about the concept of “less is more”, takes me back to a small and initially unpromising project that a maverick boss of mine persuaded me to get involved in many years ago. It provides an interesting example of counter-intuitive optimisation. The scene… There was a manufacturing plant which produced […]

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Less is more!

There seems to be an upsurge of interest in the philosophy of “less is more”. A couple of recent articles about product design, in general and in a specific case, address relevant aspects of this phenomenon. What do we know? On one level, we tend to question: how can “less” be “more”? We know it […]

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“Innovation” is manageable!

This is news to many people and organisations. Many take the view that “innovation” happens somehow, and that it is fairly random, risky and unmanageable. But others are showing that this is not so. The article, The manageability of innovation, describes that this is not unlike the situation in other areas in the past. As […]

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Innovation: but which way?

The topic of innovation is generating considerable interest and an increasing quantity of communication traffic. So do we need yet more communication on this? Do we need more ideas? Do we need to learn more about managing innovation? “Oh yes!” is the answer to both questions and, also, those two issues go hand-in-hand. What is […]

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Go, Nokia, Go!

You have nothing to fear and everything to gain! The mobile internet is becoming mainstream, so the smartphone market is booming. Nokia occupy the strongest position in the smartphone market, has loyal customers and a reputation for phones that, relative to other mainstream phones, are user friendly. So what is happening? This means that Nokia […]


Organizational adoption

Lately, I have been thinking about the adoption of technologies by organizations. Fred Wilson’s blog post raised related issues for consumers and stimulated a lively discussion about what characteristics are important to adoption. My interest is similar for organizations, but is more related to the channels of communication used for this purpose then in the […]

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Things counter-intuitive

“That makes no sense!” … “How can that possibly work?” … “There is no way that I am trying that! Are these the kinds of comments you have heard from beginners at … well anything that they consider “counter-intuitive”?