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No, Nokia, No!

Oh dear, what a crying shame! Today is an awful day in the mobile communications industry. Symbian is dead; Nokia jumps to Windows Phone 7 Many predicted it, some welcome it, others are horrified. I am horrified. This seems such a long time ago: Go, Nokia, Go! What is there to say? … oh well, […]

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Innovation strategy – where to aim?

At an inspiring BrightIdea meeting on innovation management in 2010, mentioned in a previous post, I was given, by Vincent Carbone (COO), the opportunity to present some high level thoughts. The general upsurge in interest, activity and capability in the area of innovation management is continuing; however much of this is, as yet, tactical in nature. […]

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Highlights of a 2010 innovation management highlight

One of the highlights of 2010, for me, was the opportunity to attend a meeting on innovation management at the request of BrightIdea who are a leading provider of innovation management products. Through a series of “birds of a feather” meetings (you know, they flock together) around the world, BrightIdea have promulgated thinking, information and […]

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Pull away

How often does the response reveal more than the stimulus? There was an interesting observation in one of the comments on Robert Scoble’s recent post about Google and its difficulties with innovation. But there was an even more interesting remark in his response to the comment. In my earlier post, I described some general observations, […]

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Software innovation management: reboot required?

Why is innovation so difficult in the software industry? In an interesting take on Google and its innovation, or lack of it, Robert Scoble provides an insight into Google’s manifestation of a very important issue for all organisations: their management of innovation. Much of his explanation and diagnosis rings true. However, many of the proposed remedies, […]

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Customer service! Is that what you call it?

Who is the worst? When you think of very poor customer service, which business sector comes to mind? For me, far and away the worst are car dealerships! I have limited experience of buying cars from them, it is their servicing business which stands out as being awful, sometimes ridiculously so! Don’t judge a book […]

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“Safety is no accident!”

For some reason, I am thinking about safety, and this well-known slogan came to mind. It makes you think It is a neat double entendre. Not surprisingly, “safety is no accident” is a slogan that is widely used to convey the importance of taking a positive approach to safety, along the lines of: “our record […]


Choosing to be an “early adopter”

David Lowe describes an effective approach to seeking advantages, not by seeking to invent innovative solutions, but by watching others who have found innovative solutions.

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Innovation strategy – “it ain’t necessarily so”!

Hopefully, meta-innovation will provide solutions to the shortcomings in strategic areas of innovation management.

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Is “IT” “in denial”?!

This is probably true, but who really cares?