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“Safety is no accident!”

For some reason, I am thinking about safety, and this well-known slogan came to mind. It makes you think It is a neat double entendre. Not surprisingly, “safety is no accident” is a slogan that is widely used to convey the importance of taking a positive approach to safety, along the lines of: “our record […]

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“Innovation” is manageable!

This is news to many people and organisations. Many take the view that “innovation” happens somehow, and that it is fairly random, risky and unmanageable. But others are showing that this is not so. The article, The manageability of innovation, describes that this is not unlike the situation in other areas in the past. As […]


Organizational adoption

Lately, I have been thinking about the adoption of technologies by organizations. Fred Wilson’s blog post raised related issues for consumers and stimulated a lively discussion about what characteristics are important to adoption. My interest is similar for organizations, but is more related to the channels of communication used for this purpose then in the […]

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Things counter-intuitive

“That makes no sense!” … “How can that possibly work?” … “There is no way that I am trying that! Are these the kinds of comments you have heard from beginners at … well anything that they consider “counter-intuitive”?