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Bring back the great British tea break!

It’s an institution or, at least, it was an established ritual: the great British tea break. Get together When I first started work, and for many years afterwards, there was a break every morning and every afternoon.¬†Everyone in the department would stop work for 15-20 minutes each morning and afternoon, to get together to have […]

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Innovation happens like fire

Innovation happens automatically, under the right conditions, like fire. For fire, those conditions are generally: fuel, air supply and heat. Removing any one, prevents it. For innovation: fuel is something valuable to be done, air supply is the communication of information and ideas, heat is energy, and sparks of enthusiasm and inspiration. Innovation is prevented […]

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Innovation is an opportunity

Innovation happens as new perspectives, thoughts and ideas lead to changes in behaviour. Doing the same things and expecting a different outcome is unrealistic. Only when we do new things, do we make a substantial difference. Mankind has evolved through the application of small thoughts which continually make a difference to someone and big ideas […]