Experience – the Apple iPad video

In a deceptively simple video, Apple have captured in 30 seconds what most of their competitors will never figure out in a generation.

By clearly stating what they believe, they have debunked the myth that they are a technology company and demonstrated that they are an experience company.

Their key step is from “when technology gets out of the way” to describing what you get – a delightful, even magical, experience. Their competitors are incapable of copying this approach without risking a wardrobe malfunction on the scale of “the emperor has no clothes”; after stripping away the “technology” from competitive products, nothing would be left.

There is more hidden behind Apple’s statement, including the way that the leap from technology, misses out functionality, on its way to experience. Also, especially when listening to the UK version of the advertisement, the narration is pure Jonathan Ive: the words, phraseology, pace and the intonation are his, even if spoken by an actor; this gives it more meaning and weight.

Everything combines with the stunningly simple visual images to make their short statement resonate.

If only we could all describe so clearly what we do!





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  1. Christophe Poizat Avatar

    Very smart indeed 🙂

    1. John W Lewis Avatar

      Thanks for your comment, Christophe. I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

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